“Developing safe & sustainable pressroom chemistry has never been our added value, it has been our standard.”

Since 1989, we’ve been manufacturing sustainable pressroom chemistries to ensure your favorite books, newspapers, magazines, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic goods and more are printed and packaged safely.

Our products do not contain petroleum distillates or other dangerous chemicals which generate significant amounts of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compound), HAP’s (Hazardous Air Pollutants) and waste streams classified as “hazardous”. This means millions of consumable goods are printed and packaged safely each day using Genesis® products.

As more research is being done on the exposure to chemicals, time and time again we hear from health organizations that the best protection measure is to limit your exposure to products and materials that contain hazardous materials and VOC’s. Genesis has been doing this for nearly 20 years. We think about the smallest details in the printing and packaging process, so you don’t have to. Through a full line of safe and sustainable pressroom chemistry, we offer products that make the lithographic printing process safe, productive and healthy for employees and consumers.

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Located approximately 25 miles north of Chicago and 35 miles south of Milwaukee, our facility is the cleanest and most sustainable lean pressroom chemical manufacturing facility in the United States. We have been sustainably manufacturing Genesis products under our model of ‘lean manufacturing’ since 1989. Attention to detail, cleanliness and efficiency in our production translates to the superiority and consistency of our chemistry.

Our newly renovated facility houses manufacturing of all Genesis products and laboratory facilities, as well as final assembly of the entire Amerikal engineering line. We are capable of producing 18,000 gallons of sustainable pressroom chemistry per 12-hour shift.

Our facility was engineered and constructed to set the standard for sustainable lean pressroom chemistry manufacturing. Our centralized manufacturing location utilizes the most energy efficient processes and blending stations are dedicated to one product to eliminate any possibility of cross contamination. Our facility was designed to demonstrate that industrial manufacturing can be extremely efficient and productive without compromising the health and safety of individuals or the environment.

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Why Genesis® is the standard in pressroom chemistry: